8 OnlyFans Fitness Instagrammers That May Or May Not Be Gay

The almost obligatory OnlyFans link is cropping up more and more in Instagram bios these days. And for the most part we’re ok with that, because however much we like to get fitness advice and workout tips, we’re always more excited to see a little more skin.

Some of these guys just post more-detailed workout plans, or those photos that are slightly too risqué for the Instagram guidelines, and then there are those that are more than happy to whip their dicks out and jerk off on some gym equipment.

And we’re good with either of those options.

So here are 8 fitness Instagrammers we follow that are keen to show you more for the low low price of £9.99 / month (or more, we’re not actually sure what they charge these days).

1. @kevnpng42

Image: Instagram: kevnpng42

The strapping 22-year-old French model/hunk is artistically ambiguous on his Instagram page, with neither rainbows nor girlfriends appearing to convince us one way or the other of his sexuality.

But his OnlyFans doesn’t take much convincing, with professionally-taken photos, practical fitness advice, and of course the odd “classy” nude here and there!

2. @alecnysten

Image source: Instagram @alecnysten

Alec is a Kiwi cutie that has a body that is so slick, it constantly looks wet… in a good way. The filthy hot fittie is an avid boxer and likes posting photos of himself in his boxers. What’s not to like?! And his OnlyFans handle is the honey badger… this guy is fierce! Well worth the $9.99.

3. @charlielondonuk

Image source: Instagram @charlielondonuk

This vascular UK-based fitness model has over 43K followers on Instagram, regularly posting flexing photos of himself in various states of undress. If you want the whole hog, however, Charlie gets his bits out for just $10 a month on OnlyFans.

4. @mrryanjake

Image source: Instagram @mrryanjake

If you’re looking for gents with junk in the trunk, you won’t find any junkier than Ryan Jake. This beast of a French fittie posts plenty of revealing photos on Insta, but if you want to get to the real peach, then you’ll have to shell out $19.99 a month to see it on his OnlyFans… but tell me you’re not tempted.

5. @henrylicettmundial

Image source: Instagram @henrylicettmundial

On the subject of beautiful beasts, this boy comes with bright blue eyes to boot! The Spanish actor will shower your Instagram-feed with photos of speedos struggling to contain…. everything. But if you want to see him set that bad boy loose, then it’ll cost you a whopping $50 a month on his OnlyFans!… which has gotta be a typo, right? Decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

6. @jakubstefanoofficial

Image source: Instagram @jakubstefanoofficial

Jakub Stefano has been a staple of the webcam world of porn for years, and now he’s getting with the times and getting his own OnlyFans page. His body is a work of art, and he clearly enjoys playing with it. And you can watch for the fair price of $20 a month.

7. @koop_loop

Image source: Instagram @koop_loop

The ginormous pecs of Kevin Smith have graced the Gay Fitness UK Instagram feed at least once already, and if you can’t get enough of this studly Scot slash serial pizza destroyer, then you can follow him on OnlyFans for $10 and get more than an eyeful. 😉

8. @stevenlewisbarrett

Image source: Instagram @stevenlewisbarrett

Never confusing dad-bod with daddy bod, Steven Barrett is the builder-bodybuilder combo of our dreams. Featured in magazines like Attitude, Steven has even appeared on Naked Attraction, showing the world just how keen he is to take his clothes off for you. And if you would like to view this Muscle God in full, pop over to his OnlyFans page where he will be lifting weights and getting big… for just $11.99.

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