This Is Why Celebrities Should NOT Be Our Fitness Role Models (Mark Wahlberg We’re Looking At You)

Does anyone else love reading how your favourite Hollywood stars stay in shape? Of course you do, it’s fascinating. It either inspires us to be more badass in our training or provides a healthy reminder that these sculpted studs don’t look that way by accident. It takes hours of work, months of miserable eating, and thousands of studio dollars you don’t actually have to spend on high-end personal trainers.

Marky Mark’s funked up daily routine

Mark Wahlberg recently posted his daily routine online and the internet went nuts. There’s no denying that the guy looks great and is ageing into an entirely new form of daddy.

But have you seen what his life looks like? It makes me want to cry.

The 47-year-old apparently wakes up at 2.30am every morning (hideous), does two workouts per day, exposes himself to -100 temperatures in a cryotherapy chamber, eats vomit-inducing amounts of food (and not the fun kind of food), and then goes to bed before the sun even sets each night.

No amount of ab definition is worth this.

You have to admire the guy’s determination and commend him on his results, but you could also ask why the hell is he making life so difficult for himself? As one Twitter user pointed out, he could shift his whole day back a couple of hours and live like a fairly normal human being for the most part.

Unsustainable fitness regimes

The above fitness routine is gruelling, and one should keep in mind that Wahlberg only did this for 47 days in the lead up to filming his new movie “Mile 22”. This is not the type of fitness regime your everyday Joe should undertake, even if you could afford/bear it. It not only removes all joy from your life but would likely cause you serious harm if maintained for a lengthy period of time. Plus it would cost a fortune simply in the amount of food you would need to eat.

Selling the fantasy

Everyone from movie stars to underwear models to, well, us, is selling the fantasy of these perfectly sculpted physiques. However, they’re fantasies for a reason… because they’re not real.

Movies stars and male models are very well supervised and have a wealth of support and knowledge on hand to help them so they can be very strategic in manipulating how their body will look; training, eating, fasting, and dehydrating for weeks and months in order to look PERFECT for a single photograph or a few seconds of footage on the screen.

Those topless male models you see in underwear ads, on the cover of magazines, or in the stock images we use to bait the thirst trap for our articles, often won’t drink water for up to a week before shoots in order to achieve that level of muscle definition (please, don’t ever do that!). They’re also expertly lit and are usually photoshopped in post-production anyway.

Realistic expectations

If you’re doing your best to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, then you’re doing a great job. Good for you! When you see those pictures of beautiful men with 0.01% body fat strewn across our website and others, just remember, those poor fuckers probably had to get up at 2.30am to look like that!

Gay Fitness Challenge 2018

If you’re after some more realistic fitness achievements and some before/after photos, check out the results from our Gay Fitness Challenge? You can also sign up for our latest challenge now! Work towards your own goal, with a training and nutrition program specially designed for you. You can train alone or take part in gay group exercise classes, and you’ll have the support of fellow gay guys who are going through the same thing you are.