Transgender Welcome At LGBT International Powerlifting Championships

Registration is now open for the LGBT International Powerlifting Championships 2018, to be held in cooperation with the Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club. The competition has made headlines by being the first international sporting event ever to offer the option to compete under a third gender.

The new optional Mx Category was introduced in order to make the games truly inclusive, allowing those transgender, non binary, or intersex competitors to compete in the category they feel most comfortable in.

“Issues affecting Transgender, Non Binary and Intersex participants were discussed in detail at our congress in 2017 and we decided as a group to make our event as inclusive and as a safe as possible by offering an optional MX category,” states Charlotte Wareing, Female Co-President, LGBT Powerlifting Union and Seven Time World Champion in the sport.

“Athletes from within the Trans, Non Binary and Intersex communities are very welcome to participate within LGBT IPC without any fear of discrimination.”

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One of the aims of the Federation of Gay Games is to connect with those communities that are under-represented in the world of competitive sports, with the goal of developing LGBT Powerlifting worldwide, and increasing participation between now and the Gay Games (due to be held in Hong Kong in 2022).

Speaking about the opening of registration for LGBT IPC 2018, Chris Morgan, Male Co-President, LGBT Powerlifting Union and Nine Time World Champion in the sport said,

“LGBT IPC was hugely successful in 2017 in bringing together LGBT Powerlifting athletes from all corners of the globe, in 2018 we aim to expand on this by reaching out through to the new LGBT Powerlifting clubs we see emerging around the world. We aim to be as inclusive as possible by equalising all weight classes and offering the new third gender Mx category”.

Last year’s LGBT IPC attracted participants from all over the world, including: Australia, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, United States of America and of course the host nation Great Britain.