4 Reasons Why Working Out With Your Boyfriend Is A Terrible Idea

In an effort to make time for your training and your love life, you might think it’s a wise idea to take your boyfriend with you to the gym. In a previous post we covered 5 reasons why you should train with your boyfriend, now here are a few reasons it’s a terrible idea.

1. You could get distracted

Image source: Instagram @111essex

If you’re anything like me, you love a good gossip. The trouble is, when training with your boyfriend, you may get distracted about all the things you wanted to talk about. If you’re the type to do this, then try meeting up before your workout for a protein shake or even a pre-workout stretch, giving you time to have a quick chat about life.

For added focus, use that time to chat about your workout and what you want/need to get done while you’re there.

2. You might have different goals

While it’s generally easier for two guys to train together than a guy and a girl, you may still have different goals for your training. One of you may be looking build up while the other looks to slim down. If you don’t have any viable overlap in your weekly training, then a trip to the gym with your boyfriend could end up wasting you a gym session.

You could try adding a yoga class, or overall fitness workout to your routine as those are good for you whatever your goals. Alternatively, just go to the gym together but workout separately. Put on your headphones and get on with your workout, then meet up with your beau for a stretch and a catch up at the end.

3. You’re both gym novices

If neither of you are especially experienced in the gym, then a boyfriend-workout will be like the blind leading the blind. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, so don’t assume that because you’re happy with your workout that you should be telling your boyf what to do. Not only may he have different goals from you, he has a different body. That could mean injuries or limits in his strength levels or range of motion that you aren’t familiar with.

It would be a far better idea to try something new together, something that comes with a little added-instruction. You could try out a class together, and there are plenty of gay group exercise classes around London you could both go along to.

Alternatively, book in a couples session with a gay personal trainer!

4. You could miss out on “me time”

The gym is one of those few places where it is socially acceptable, and even more comfortable, to attend alone. You might prefer to have company when you go out for dinner, to a club, or to the cinema, but the gym could be your solo time. And too much togetherness with your partner could lead to more stress in your relationship.

So if the gym is your space where you decompress and work out your stress, then inviting a partner into that space could have a negative impact on your relationship. Instead, just meet him afterwards for a post-workout smoothie and a kiss, but only if you worked out hard 😉