7 Things To Look For In A Gay Personal Trainer

In many ways, a gay personal trainer is much the same as a straight personal trainer, and it’s important that before you invest a lot of time and money into working with one you take the time to find the one that’s right for you. So while a gay PT can be much more comfortable to work with than some alpha-bro, mega-macho, bodybuilding bro that you have nothing in common with, not every gay PT will automatically be a perfect fit.

So here’s what to look for and what to consider when looking to work with a gay personal trainer.

1. Don’t just go for the hottest PT

We know it’s tempting to just sign up for sessions with the hottest gay PT you can find. We get it, I mean just look at these guys!

gay personal trainer
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But there’s so much more to it than just looking good.

While you want a trainer that practices what he preaches and takes care of his own fitness, there are a lot of ways to get fit and a lot of different goals you could have that would fall under the umbrella of “being fit”. Just because he’s a muscled-up adonis, doesn’t mean that you should try and be one too.

You want a trainer that understands your goals – whether they’re similar to his or not – and does everything he can to help you achieve them.

2. He’s dedicated

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A good trainer will make sure you feel supported, a great trainer will make you feel like you’re the most important client in the world.

Personal trainers like Arthur (pictured above) work long, hard hours, often starting early in the morning, working until late at night, every night of the week as well as weekends. And a great PT will make you feel like that isn’t the case, like you’re the only client he’s focused on and the only one that matters. He’ll remember your progress, your concerns, and your struggles from week to week and will be ready to help you tackle them head-on.

3. He’s patient

Working in the fitness industry it can be easy to forget that not everyone is as clued up on every piece of equipment, every exercise, and every muscle group there is. A great gay PT won’t rush you when you’re learning new techniques, exercises, and equipment.

4. He will challenge you

gay personal trainer darryl lampen
Image source: Instagram @gripandfloat

If you have an injury or are brand new to exercise, much of your sessions will be spent ensuring you exercise properly without injuring yourself. But a comfortable session won’t always be on the cards as a great gay PT like Darryl up there will constantly be challenging you to grow and improve. So you won’t always like him during the workout, but you’ll appreciate him afterwards.

5. He won’t always be nice

A great gay PT will know when to push you and when to back off. Not everyone responds the same to different methods of motivation, and while you may thrive on some tough love, others may need a more gentle touch in order to get the most out of their sessions. A good PT will use a combination of soft and strong motivation, a great PT (like MJ here) will switch between the two without you even noticing.

6. He may not be charming

The fitness industry is becoming increasingly competitive, that means that gyms and personal trainers need to make sure they’re selling their product in order to earn a living. Fair enough, but don’t get too caught up in the charm and opt for a good salesman over a good PT. Gyms will often send out their most charming, charismatic, and sexy PTs to help persuade you into signing up – and let’s face it, it usually works – but a great PT can be great without being charming. (Of course, great gay PTs like Mikey can be great AND charming)

When you speak with your potential PT, be sure he’s not just telling you what you want to hear, and that he’s really listening to your goals and concerns.

7. He’s honest

You don’t want a gay PT that’s so blunt he’s an asshole, but you don’t want someone to bullshit you either. Is he setting you realistic expectations? Is he telling you things that you might not want to hear? Did he tell you that you won’t look like Zac Efron after just 2 sessions? Good!

Training with a great gay PT won’t be easy (if it was then you wouldn’t need them) so they shouldn’t be telling you it will be.

Gay Personal Trainers

Excited to work with a gay personal trainer? They can design a training and nutrition program to suit your individual needs, and be on hand to help coach you towards your goals.

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