In our effort to be politically correct, have we lost sight of some valid fitness goals?

My personal opinion is to do whatever you want and train however you want, as long as you let me do the same. However, the gym is a place where people love to judge others, with a lot of that judgement coming from gay gym-goers.

In our effort to combat body-shaming and to keep our opinions politically correct, have we lost sight of some valid fitness goals?

Which of these PC terms do you agree with, and which ones are you so over?

1. Love your body!

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Body love, self-love, body positivity, these were all terms originally coined to balance out the focus on physical perfection. No, you don’t need to have a six-pack in order to be deemed attractive, but has self-love caused a new type of self-absorption?

What if you don’t love every fold, crevice, dimple on your body every single day? Are you a shallow bitch if you “feel fat”, are we even allowed to say fat any more?

Love your effort!

Body positivity is a great idea, but it keeps the focus on your looks. Instead, why not focus on what you’ve achieved and the effort you’ve put in? Whether that’s lifting a heavier weight, running a faster 5k, or just constantly getting some exercise. All of these are fantastic achievements that don’t put an emphasis on how you look.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Each of us is unique and that individuality should be celebrated. Hear, hear!

But when you’re told not to compare yourself to others you just know that ain’t gonna happen. The world is full of fit guys that we love to look at, and will inevitably compare ourselves to. They’re everywhere from movies to magazines to walking past you in the street. So asking us to not compare ourselves to others is doomed to failure.

Compare your lives, not just your bodies

So when you do inevitably compare yourself to the washboard abs of the world, remember to compare your lifestyle to theirs as well. Yes, they’re fit, but do they get to eat pizza whenever they want? How many hours do they spend in the gym each week? How many years have they been working towards their goal of single-digit body fat? Do any of their answers match yours?

Becoming a fitness model does NOT happen by accident, and do not let the #absprivilege fool you, they worked really hard for those abs. The question is do you want to work that hard too? Or do you like your lifestyle without a 4 am alarm to get you to the gym every morning, or a meal that isn’t chicken breast and broccoli served cold in Tupperware every day?

Healthier comparisons

Healthy comparisons could give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals, or could make you happier with the goals you’ve achieved. If you’re benching more than that beefcake at the gym, that’s a comparison that should make you proud. And if there’s a guy with your build that’s deadlifting more than you, that’s an inspiring comparison that shows what you could potentially achieve.

3. Train for strength, not looks

It seems to have become politically incorrect to train purely for aesthetics, but that’s just crap! We all want to look and feel our best and telling those who go to the gym and work hard to look good that they shouldn’t is incredibly judgemental and self-righteous.

Train for whatever the hell you want

We’ve all had that personal trainer at one point who writes a program for you to increase your strength and performance, which is horribly unfulfilling when all you really just want to have big bulging biceps and sweet and juicy butt.

It’s your body, your time, and your money, you should be working towards whatever goal you want! Don’t let fitness gurus shame you into working on your deadlift one-rep-max when you just want to pump up your pecs.

If you train properly and focus on good technique, the strength gains will accompany the aesthetic ones, and vice versa.

Gay personal trainers

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