Bluetooth Headphones For The Gym | Avanca D1 Wireless Sports Headset Review

You may not need a super-snazzy outfit, top of the line trainers, or the latest fitness tracker before you head to the gym. However, one I don’t think anyone could honestly say they could train without is music. And in the world of Spotify subscriptions and endless gym playlists to choose from, you’re probably taking your phone with you like we are. So we set about trying out the Avanca D1 Wireless Sports headphones to see how they if they were ideal Bluetooth headphones for the gym, and how they stack up against the endless number of other brands out there.

Universally user-friendly

It probably goes without saying (but we’re gonna say it anyway) that these Bluetooth headphones easily pair with any device. We’re Samsung users, but they work just as well with iPhones or any other phone that has Bluetooth. The headset automatically switches from music to call mode when someone is trying to reach you. The headset is equipped with a high quality microphone, so there is no need to take off the headset to answer your calls.

Not that you should be taking calls while you’re in the gym, but you could get a call on the way there that we wouldn’t judge you for answering.

Headphones ideal for the gym

The headset comes with 3 different sizes of earbuds, so you can make it fit exactly to your needs. The cool-looking in-ear earbuds are carefully designed make sure they never fall out of your ears and to maximise the sound output.

Like most Bluetooth wireless headphones that we have used, they fit (and stay) in your ears well, the sound quality is good (but not great) and there are no annoying cords to get in the way during your workout or when you are out and about. They are perfect for Cross Fit and circuit style workouts that may involve being upside down (handstands etc), jumping rope and moving quickly onto and off of the floor (burpees).

The single touch controls that allow you to skip songs, change the volume and answer incoming calls are all very ergonomic.

Favourite features

The two areas in which the Avanca D1 Wireless Sports Headset stood out from its numerous competitors was in their range (about 20m) and battery life (more than 5 hours). None of that annoying glitchy cutting out when you walk across the gym to put your weights back. And more importantly, no fear of them running out of charge halfway through a particularly long session.

4 Stars. We would definitely recommend.

Avanca D1 Wireless Sports Headset – Available from £40.60 from Amazon.