2 Simple Upper Body Exercises That Will Make You A Better Top!

Despite how easy the porn stars make it look, topping is hard work (giggle), and if you’re hoping for an all-nighter you’re gonna need to be in shape.

When it comes to being a better top, it’s all about strength and mobility. That doesn’t just mean the strength of your erection or the power behind your thrust (although that’s part of it – see “Can Exercise Improve Erections), there’s forearm strength, balance, leg strength, back flexibility, and all manner of mechanics depending on how acrobatic your lovemaking tends to be.

So if you’re looking to become the world’s greatest lover, it’s time to de-prioritise the bench press and try out a routine that combines strength-building with increasing stamina and energy.

Consider adding these to your weekly workouts:

1. Planking

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Probably the easiest and most effective exercise that you’ll never need a gym for, regular planking not only blasts your core muscles, it’s a great alternative to the bench press to build some upper body strength. One that’ll do wonders for your endurance.

Regularly planking will help you to increase the amount of time you’re able to hold certain positions that require you to support a man’s weight, whether it’s yours or his. When you find a position you/he loves, you’ll be able to maintain it without having to stop for a rest. It also strengthens the core, which is always handy to add some extra oomph to your thrusts.

The move is fairly straightforward, from lying flat on your stomach, pick yourself up by the elbows, hold for as close to a minute as you can manage. Collapse, rest, repeat. Aim to keep your spine as straight as possible, but it’s better to have your butt a little higher than letting is sag, which could hurt your back (not good before sex).

2. Close push ups

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Another sexercise that doesn’t require a gym, close push-ups are pretty similar to regular push-ups, just with both hands close to the centre of your pecs. These recruit your triceps to do most of the heavy work rather than your larger pectoral muscles. This is important as your triceps are typically the first muscles to give up when you’re doing the missionary position or any others that require you to hold yourself up by your arms.

Start with your hands close together, forming a diamond shape while keeping your elbows tucked in during the movement. Sounds easy, especially if you do push-ups regularly. They’re not. So don’t be ashamed to drop to your knees if your form goes out the window. But if you want to make them a little more challenging, try balancing on a Bosu.

More Sexercises!

There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out our post on the best sexercises to make you last longer in bed! We’ll also be posting more on how to be a better top soon, so if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

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