4 Reasons You Should Shave Your Chest For The Gym

Chest hair, don’t care. Chest hair has had a back and forth in terms of popularity over the decades, going from vitally sexy to scorned and hidden. Nowadays, the modern man can afford to be fairly open about his chestal grooming habits, and pick and choose if and when he sports a rugged or smooth look.

That being said, there are pros and cons of shaving your chest when it comes to fitness, and the choice to go hair-free will depend on a few different factors

1. More muscles = less hair

The decision to shave your chest to show off your muscles will really depend on how much muscle you managed to amass before picking up the razor. At the extreme end of the fitness-spectrum lies competitive bodybuilders, whose success depends on every inch of their hard-earned musculature being clearly on display.

These guys are almost always smooth chested, as patches of hair will create shadows and distract judges from the clean lines of their perfectly-defined muscles. So if you have an impressive pair and you really want them to pop, then lather up boys! (and tell me this isn’t really satisfying to watch)


2. Chest hair, do care

We love the rugged look, we also love the groomed and smooth look. But the choice is entirely up to you. If you feel self-conscious or embarrassed because of your chest hair, then get rid of it! Whether you feel you have too much of it, have it in the wrong places, or have it in a colour you’re not fond of (god help me when I find a grey chest hair), then shave it off if it makes you feel more confident stripping off. We would much rather eliminate any reason you would have for not taking your top off! 😉

If you have really think chest hair, try trimming it down with a body hair trimmer before you opt for a full-on wax. Controlling excessive hair growth can make you feel more confident, and that’s all we want.

3. Skin-tight tees

As you progress in your fitness journey and build up some bulk in your upper body, your gym t-shirts will inevitably get tighter (yay!), and a tight-fitting tee tends to look better when worn with a “clean chest”. This is especially true of those lycra-based gym tops that are designed to emphasize the contours of your body, which can look a bit lumpy when there’s a nest of chest hair underneath.

4. Hot, sweaty, and tanned

Chest hair is not going to be your friend during the summer months. Body hair is intended to act as an insulator, and a hairy chest (among other places) will make you sweat more and retain that moisture.

It can also prevent your skin from absorbing suntan lotion or create some weird-looking tan lines on your pecs. So you may decide to go smooth for the summer and grow your winter coat back when it gets cooler.

Reasons you shouldn’t shave your chest

More manly = more hair

When considering shaving your chest in order to show off your muscles, one must first consider if you actually have muscles to show off. For those gorgeous guys out there that are naturally slim and struggle to add bulk, shaving off your chest hair can result in you looking younger, slimmer, and significantly less manly (not that you are of course).

There are three things that tend to distinguish a man’s upper body from that of a boy: broader shoulders, chest muscle mass, and chest hair. If you’re still working on developing 1 and 2, then it’s a good idea to keep number 3 around for a little longer.

More reasons you shouldn’t shave your chest

1. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and breakouts, a regular close-shave is going to cause you a fair amount of grief. Maybe stick to giving it a trim.

2. It’s also another thing you need to do in the bathroom. So if you can’t be bothered with the upkeep, then don’t bother.

3. And finally, if you don’t want to shave your chest, then don’t! It’s your chest hair, so whether you shave it, wax it, trim it, or leave it to lavish in its full glory is entirely up to you!


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