6 Foods You Didn’t Know Weren’t Good For You

It can be really difficult to keep track of what is supposedly healthy and what isn’t these days. One minute every morning television program is spewing out the benefits of eating a certain type of nut, or replacing this kind of fat with that kind of fat, only to be totally debunked as a healthy food myth in a year or two.

So we’ve put together a list of 6 foods that are (currently) not as healthy as their marketing campaigns imply:

1. Muesli

Possibly the biggest health food fraud is the gritty, tasteless bowl of nuts you’ve been grinding through in a vain attempt to remain healthy and regular. Well sorry girls and gays, a bowl of muesli is basically a bowl of sugar. With pieces of chocolate and dried fruit commonplace, there’s a load of calories in that so you may as well have ice cream for breakfast. At least that tastes nice.

2. “Fat-Free ”yoghurt/anything

The UK seems to really love yoghurt, as every ad that isn’t for home insurance or personal loans seems to be about some form of yoghurt. And what’s not to love? Tasty, sweet, with a good dollop of protein. Where we go wrong is the “fat-free” part. Not only does our body need fat to function, but in the process of removing fat, the producers tend to add a load of sugar so that the yoghurt doesn’t taste like ass (in a bad way). There could be as much as an extra 15 grams of sugar in that “fat-free” Greek yoghurt, so to stay skinny opt for fat.

3. (SOME) Protein & nutrition bars

(Here’s where we lose advertising)

We need to stress the SOME in the heading because only some protein bars are bad for you. Cheaper brands can be crammed with added fats and sugars and, as a result, a tonne of calories. When a Snickers is considered a healthier option, it might be time to re-think the protein bar. If you’re of a slender build and need to consume a butt load of calories and protein throughout the day, then these will probably be a welcome break from yet more dry chicken breast and broccoli. But don’t assume that it’s a healthier option just because you bought it at the gym.

For protein bars that aren’t terrible, check out the ones on offer from MyProtein.

4. Flavoured milk alternatives

If like me, you try and limit the amount of dairy you consume then you’ve probably bought soy, almost, oat, or coconut milk for your morning coffee at some point. And that’s great, however, you could be losing some health-points if you pick up the flavoured options. It may have a yummy vanilla taste, but that’s because there’s heaps of added sugar that will cause your blood sugar to spike and result in a bigger crash later in the day.

5. Gluten-free snacks

Unless you’ve been told by a doctor that you have an intolerance to gluten (and trust me, if you had one you would know), then there is NO point in opting for the gluten-free version of your favourite snack. They’ll usually be highly processed with very few nutrients and can cause the same spikes in blood sugar as gluten-filled snacks.

This can also extend to gluten-free alternatives to bread and pasta. They’re no better for you, they taste like sand, and you’re taking things off the shelf that those with serious gluten allergies need.

If you want a cookie, have a cookie. A gluten-free one won’t be healthier, it just won’t taste as nice.

6. Pre-made salads

As a fledgeling vegetarian, I have a serious love/hate relationship with salads… ok, it’s mostly hate. Often seen as the healthier option when grabbing a late night McDonald’s, pre-made salads are chock-full of rubbish that makes them taste nice and therefore making them as bad as a burger.

Things like dressings, croutons, and dried fruits all add up, making a boring-ass salad several hundred calories worth of dull.

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