Wodify App Now Offers Gender-Free Experience

It seems strange that there hasn’t been a gender-neutral option for fitness apps up until now.

Fitness and gym management platform Wodify recently announced the launch of its “Gender-Free Athlete Experience” in their latest platform update.

Wodify – an inclusive fitness platform

The platform has over 4,500 users including gyms, fitness centres and personal trainers and helps to make the business of managing members and clients more streamlined and productive.

Gym managers who use Wodify will now have the flexibility to choose whether they would like to add an option for their athletes who prefer not to specify a binary gender (male/female).

They state that two of their ‘Core Values’ are to “Be Authentic” and “Do The Right Thing”, which seems perfectly in keeping with making this update, allowing their trans and non-binary members to feel more included.

The simple act of ticking a box to state you’re either male or female could be incredibly stressful and exclusionary for those who do not identify as either, and this simple change that allows members not to select either option goes a long way to improve inclusivity within the fitness industry.

In addition to this, Wodify leaderboards, coachboards, and whiteboards now have display options to toggle between male/female or non-gendered views. This means that WOD results and workout class sign-ins won’t be required to filter into one gender category or the other, creating a more inclusive experience for the athlete.

“Something as simple as designing a gender-free athlete experience goes a long way to remove barriers and help transgender and gender non-conforming people feel more accepted and increases their chances for success. We applaud Wodify for taking this step, and hope more companies will follow suit to make fitness more inclusive for all.”‍

– Will Lanier, Executive Director of The OUT Foundation.

Shout out to OUTWOD

Let’s send a little extra love to The OUT Foundation and their subsidiary OUTWOD who worked with Wodify to change their platform to create this gender-free athlete experience.

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