You Could Be Having Spontaneous Orgasms At The Gym

This isn’t an article about the endorphin rush you get after a great workout, no this about full-blown orgasm induced solely through exercise.

And we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but so-called “coregasms” are almost always a female thing.

… almost.

And while we wouldn’t recommend focusing your gym efforts entirely on achieving them, it is possible for men to climax without friction, stimulation, or even overly pervy thoughts while at the gym. Anyone can have a coregasm according to the research into the topic; there’s nothing physiologically unique about those able to reach coregasm.

It can happen to anyone at any time at any age.

Which exercises are most likely to cause an orgasm?

As the name suggests, coregasms are usually achieved when the core muscles are engaged. Women reported experienced them during ab exercises, biking, running, yoga, or climbing.

For men, on the other hand, they were most commonly reported during sit-ups, weight lifting, climbing, running, or chin-ups. There are others, but these were the most common, especially when core muscles were worked to the point of exhaustion.

“You’re more likely to see them when fatiguing your muscles,” says Men’s Health Sex Professor Debby Herbenick, PhD. “Like doing as many crunches or leg lifts as you can,” although obviously not at the risk of sacrificing form or hurting yourself.

The less-challenging exercises like sit-ups and planks tended to take more reps to achieve coregasm, while more advanced moves like chin-ups lead to a coregasm after only a few reps.

What does a coregasm feel like?

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Those who have done enough sit-ups to jizz themselves described the experience by making a V-shaped gesture with their hands and moved it from their lower abs to their groin area. With loads of nerve pathways and core muscles that could be at work, researchers haven’t been able to narrow down why or how they happen. It might be that all of those core muscles are working together with the nerve pathways and your pelvic floor to produce a warm, tingly sensation. Or shaky, exhausted muscles causing some kind of inner stimulation that engages nearby organs.

It could be magical sex fairies for all we know at this point. All we know for sure is that it happens, and it could happen to you at any point. So get down to the gym and get working on those core muscles. And at the very least your new abs will make it easier to achieve orgasm the old-fashioned way.

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