7 Ways To Fall In Love With The Gym Again

Like any relationship with a gay man, the gym can quickly begin to become predictable and leave you searching for something more. Now that the New Year’s rush is waning, you might be wondering if you’re suited to being the gym-going gay man that you planned on becoming in 2019.

So in order to defeat the February fall in motivation, here are a few tips to make fitness more fulfilling again.

1. Hire a gay personal trainer

I mean, you could hire a straight one too, but where’s the fun in that?!

In all seriousness, training with a gay PT can give you a level of support and comfort that you might not get with a straight PT. You could luck out and get one of the trainers that isn’t a chest-pumping, backwards-cap-wearing, awkward hand-shake-giving bro (there are a few out there and they’re lovely).

Unfortunately, the fitness industry tends to foster an attitude of basic bros, so at least with a gay PT you get a basic bitch instead.

A personal trainer (whatever their sexuality) will be passionate about fitness and training, which is likely to quickly rub off on you (… did I really just write that?). If you’re seeing a plateau in your performance or you’re just sick of the same old exercises, a personal trainer will help take your training to the next level – even if that’s going from 0 to 1.

2. Make a plan

With or without a personal trainer, it’s vital to make a clear plan towards achieving your fitness goals. So if you’re not keen to work with a PT (or don’t have the budget) then you’ll have to make a plan yourself.

What works for you and your goals will not work for everyone. Figure out what works for you and add to that, rather than trying to force yourself to do something you hate or continually quit. E.g. If you hate getting up early, don’t try and get to the gym before work as you’ll quickly find an excuse not to go. If you hate training alone and get bored really quickly, then sign up to classes or guilt a friend or boyfriend to come to the gym with you. Whatever works for you, lean into that to get more from your time in the gym

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3. Join a group

If you’re struggling to give a shit about working out, then why not make it all a little more fun and sociable by joining one of the amazing gay fitness groups around London. There’s something for everyone from spin classes to yoga to HIIT classes to the infamous Muscle Marys’ Butt Camp!

They’re a great way to get fit, make friends, and build that network of support from other fabulous gay men.

4. Track yourself

I bloody love fitness trackers, at the moment I have about 3 on the go plus my phone. They can quickly become an obsession (which I wouldn’t recommend) but they can make your fitness progress more transparent.

Track your heart rate, your steps, your activity, your effort levels, your calories burned and calories eaten, etc. Taking the guesswork out of how your training is going can really help keep you motivated and on the right path towards your goals.

5. Buy some new gym gear

It’s shallow I know, but there’s no denying the excitement when you get yourself a load of sexy new gym gear. You’ll be all the more motivated to get to the gym and try it out, whether it’s a new fitness tracker, new trainers, or a new pair of short-shorts, if you feel you look the part you’ll be itching to get to the gym to show yourself off.

6. Try a different gym

You may not hate going to the gym, you may just hate going to YOUR gym. If it’s too busy, you don’t like the crowd, the equipment is tired, there are no classes you enjoy, then it’s time to break up with your gym!

As long as you’re out of your contract then ditch them! Loyalty needs to be earned, and if you haven’t been going regularly then it might be time to end things.

It’s not me, it’s you!

7. Give yourself a challenge

The added motivation of a challenge is undeniable, so give yourself a deadline and a serious kick in the butt to get ready. This doesn’t necessarily have to be training for the marathon (if that’s never been your dream, then I wouldn’t recommend signing up on a whim), there are loads different fitness challenges out there, from Tough Mudders to CrossFit comps, to your very own Gay Fitness Challenge.