4 Reasons To Start Working On Your Summer Body Now!

Summer body? Are you kidding me? It’s frickin freezing outside! I’m not taking my top off for anyone until May! Winter is a great time to wear a load of layers in order to hide the layers of fat you’ve gained over Christmas. Thank God for thick jackets and shapeless jumpers, no one will notice my bump of a belly, so I don’t really need to worry about it until summer right?

Ummmm… while this is technically true, here are a few reasons why preparing for that summer body now will make results easier to find.

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1 – Time to make mistakes

Starting work on your summer body now means that you have the time to figure out what works best for you when it comes to an effective and sustainable fitness routine. Logic may dictate that you go to the gym everyday after work in order to get ripped fast, but after a week you may find it increasingly difficult to turn down those post-work drinks, and so start skipping your evening workouts. Before you know it you’ve missed a week and don’t have the time to make it up.

Starting a fitness regime now means you have several months to try different things and make mistakes. Invest time in trying out different types of exercise until you find the one that you know you’ll look forward to after a long day of work. It might be yoga, spinning, HIIT, or working with a personal trainer. Whatever it is, you have the opportunity to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, so by the time summer rolls around you’ll be a pro.

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2 – Join the trend and have support

It’s always a popular trend at the start of the year to start eating healthier and exercising, this means that your friends, family, and colleagues will probably be starting a fitness regime now too. You’ll be more likely to have support from others and the general feeling of excitement about fitness could be the added boost of motivation you need to put on those running shoes after reading this post.

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3 – It’s more fun/less terrible

With 4 weeks until your holiday and a Christmas belly still looming dangerously over your belt, you’re going to have to take some drastic action in order to shed some pounds before you shed some layers of clothing. For many this could involve eating chicken and steamed broccoli, avoiding sugar, or going teetotal until you board that plane. Doesn’t exactly sound like much fun huh? If you start working on your summer body now, you’ll be able to adjust your diet slowly in order to achieve your desired results.

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4 – A body is for life, not just for summer

Having achieved that perfect summer body, and instagrammed the hell out of your annual trip to the beach, you can go back to being a fat lazy slob right? Well of course you can, but do you really want to? Having a goal and a timeframe is great motivation, but taking the time to get those results in the right way means they’ll be much more sustainable.

It’s about changing your lifestyle but still having a life.