Weekly Workout: Ditch The Treadmill Cardio Workout

Despite what many lifters will tell you, cardio is still an important part of your weekly workout. But if you hate the treadmill, here’s a workout that’ll have your heart racing but keep your feet on the ground (for the most part).


  1. Burpees x 25
  2. Mountain climbers x 60
  3. Plank get-ups x 20
  4. Ice Skaters x 60 seconds
  5. Bicycle crunches x 60 seconds
  6. Jump squats x 25
  7. Inchworms/walk-outs x 60 seconds
  8. Decline push-ups x 25

As always, be sure to stretch properly after your workout.

And we would love to see how you got on! Share your results and your post workout pics with us on social media. Tag us @gayfitnessuk

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