Gym Gear

What's the best fitness tracker for you? With so many out there to choose from the choices can be overwhelming.

We got Darryl - one of our lovely gay personal trainers - to test out 3 different types.

Enter your details below to win one of the fitness trackers Darryl tested (sweat *not included).

You don't need the best and most expensive gym gear in order to have a good workout... but it helps.

We love gadgets, we love shopping, we love fitness; so shopping for fitness gadgets is kind of like heaven for us. We'd do it professionally if we could... which is why we started this page. 

Below are our reviews, comparisons, and general shopping comments (mostly related to fitness). 

What kind of fitness tracker should I get? What protein powder is best for you? Should I buy these headphones for the gym? What fitness equipment is actually total crap? We have the answers to all this and more.

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Gym Gear - Reviews

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3 Fitness Trackers With 20% Discount During Black Friday

If you’re thinking of getting any sort of gym gear, then the annual Amazon sale is the ideal time to go shopping. One such impulse buy that every fitness fanatic worth their salt has is a fitness tracker. 

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 Black Friday Deals On Gym Gear!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you’re looking to grab some early Christmas presents or you’re simply shopping for a gift for yourself, there are LOADS of deals to be found as of this morning!

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Fad Fitness Equipment That Is Total Crap!

A good rule of thumb to help you figure out if a piece of fitness equipment is worth buying or not is this: if it has a home shopping channel advert, it’s probably crap.

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Avanca D1 Wireless Sports Headset Review

We set about trying out the Avanca D1 Wireless Sports headphones to see how they if they were ideal Bluetooth headphones for the gym.

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Mobvoi Ticwatch S Review

Having loved and lived in my FitBit for several months now, I decided that I needed more information about my workouts than the little black band was able to give..

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6 Things You Need To Pack To Stay Fit While Travelling

Ut While we wholeheartedly believe you should enjoy your trip, should you wish to keep up even a small part of your fitness routine, here are a few key items to bring along.

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