5 Push Up Variations To Build A Bigger Chest

If you don’t currently have access to a gym, don’t despair! You can still work towards a bigger, brawnier chest with this killer at-home chest workout. Remember, it’s not all about the bench press, as you can bulk up your chest “simply” by performing variations of push-ups (when we say simply we mean that it is uncomplicated, not that it’s easy).

Just think how many workout montages take place where the guy is locked away for a crime he didn’t commit but then spends the next 6 months doing push-ups and emerges from prison as a total hunk. That could be you!

A bad rep for more reps

Since you’re working with “just” your bodyweight, there’s often the assumption that you need to rep out a hundred push-ups for it to make any difference. But it’s much better to keep the reps manageable and instead vary the type of push-up you perform in order to hit those chest muscles from multiple angles.

Here are a few push-up variations you could use as a substitute for the bench press in your next chest workout.

1. Single-leg push-up

Raise one leg, and stack it on top of your other leg, remembering to keep your glutes tight. Switch legs and repeat. That’s two reps. Now do 18 more.

2. Shuffle push-up

Get in a push-up position with one hand in front of your shoulders and one behind. Lower yourself to the floor and press up. That’s one rep.
At the top of the move, jump or walk your hands into the opposite position. Keep alternating arms as you work towards 20 reps.

3. Diamond push-up

For this triceps blaster, position your hands together under your chest so your index fingers and thumbs form a triangle, and lower yourself until your chest touches your hands. Your elbows will jut out to the side more than usual, but try and keep them as close to the body as possible. Aim for 10-20 reps.

4. Rollout push-up

Start balancing with one hand on a medicine ball. Roll the ball out to the side as you lower yourself down to the ground. Pull the ball back to its starting position under your shoulder as you push up. If you can manage 10 reps you’re a better man than I.

5. Gorilla push-up

Start in a standard press-up position, lower yourself to the floor and then push up quickly, launching yourself off the floor.
Slap your chest like a gorilla quickly before returning your hands to the start position. The first time you attempt this move, do so at the start of your workout, otherwise, you might fall flat on your face. However, if that does happen be sure to film it and send it to us.

Perform these exercises once or twice a week, but if you’re also training in the gym make sure you leave at least 48 hours between it and your regular chest day.

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