TRX Workout For A Big Ole Butt

We recently posted about the TRX and how it’s an amazingly versatile piece of gym equipment that only kinda looks like a sex swing. By altering the angle of your lean you can work with different amounts of body weight to strengthen and build muscle. In this post we cover how the TRX is a great lower body workout.

You will not like me when you try this workout, but your buns will love you the next day.

1. TRX split squats

Attempt to gracefully put your back foot into a fully-extended TRX handle and then shuffle yourself forward until you can “comfortably” lower yourself into a lunge with your back foot elevated.

The instability makes you work on improving your balance and core strength along with blitzing your butt.

2. TRX jumping squats

Grab hold of the TRX handles, keep your chest up and squat down as low as you can go. Jump up explosively, keeping a fairly quick tempo and focusing on controlling your body’s momentum.

3. TRX single leg squat and lunge

Hit the glutes and quads from alternating angles by partnering a single leg squat with a lunge, all in a single movement. Balance on one leg and, using the TRX for support, lower down into a squat. At the bottom of the movement, bring the raised leg back into a lunge

4. TRX glute bridge

This one will definitely make you feel like you’re using a sex swing in the gym… but y’know what, enjoy it.

Start lying on your back on the ground with your hands by your side. With your heels in the TRX handles, drive your hips up until you form a straight line with your body. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the move before lowering yourself back down to the ground.

Expert advice

Want to try the TRX but still feel like you could do with a little extra supervision? You could always talk to a gay personal trainer for some more advice on how to get that butt nice and juicy!