Use This Template To Plan Your Training

You probably started out 2019 with a lot of energy and motivation, with admirable goals like “get fit”, “tone up” or “get a 6-pack”. But how much planning have you done? If you’re not keen to work with a PT (or don’t have the budget for it), you can still make a strategic plan to achieve your fitness goals. And we can help.

If you’re just starting out in the gym then you’ll probably have one of the following three goals:

1 – slim down

2 – build up

3 – get fitter

So to help make it easier here’s a rough layout of what your training week should look like for each goal:

1. Slim down

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3-4 sessions a week.

Look to combine weight training with cardio in most sessions. Great examples are circuit classes, training with kettlebells, or boxing training. This will increase your metabolism by building muscle and burn a load of calories at the same time to keep you in a calorie deficit.

[Track your food and activity keep yourself in a 10-15% calorie deficit]

Add yoga or stretching session once a week to keep yourself nice and flexible and hopefully injury-free.

2. Build up

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3-4 sessions a week.

If you’re looking to really pack on muscle, concentrate on big compound movements. Dedicate an entire session to squats and another one to deadlifts as these are vital for building mass. If you’re fairly big already and want to get much more defined, then opt for the classic 3-day split: legs, chest/triceps, back/biceps. Otherwise known as push/pull/squat.

[Track your food and activity keep yourself in a 10-15% calorie surplus]

3. Get fit

4-6 sessions a week.

Depending on how you would define “fitness” you can train with a huge variety if your goal is less-specific and involves “getting fitter”. Go to a class, any class you want. Make your own circuit and train with a friend, sweating like beasts for 20 minutes and you’re done. Go for a Saturday-morning run, walk the dog, climb a mountain. Join a rowing club. Learn gymnastics.

Basically, just do more!

Doesn’t matter what, as long as you’re training with care, stretching properly, sleeping plenty, and eating enough, your fitness levels will skyrocket after an initial dip in energy levels (as you’re burning a load more energy).

Get a fitness tracker and really track your heart rate during your exercise of choice. You’ll notice in time that your heart rate lowers even though you’re working harder, statistically proving you’re increased level of fitness.

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