There’s nothing worse than scrolling through your Instagram feed filled to the brim with topless gym selfies, only to see a photo of your latest fitness Instagram crush posing with his… GIRLFRIEND! This is why you need more gay personal trainers on your insta-feed!

Seriously nothing worse. War, famine, disease, hetero fitstagrammers.

So in order to avoid any further heartbreak, we’ve put together a list of 6 of the finest gay personal trainers London has to offer.

1. @gripandfloat

Darryl is one of the first gay personal trainers that we worked with, but that doesn’t mean we’re biased at all. His focus is on callisthenics, which – in his words – is training his body to do cool shit. You just need to skim his Instagram feed to see him performing amazing feats of strength, usually while topless.

2. @lepetitentraineur

You might recognise Arthur from our recent post on how to get abs while sitting on the beach. Whether dancing, ice-skating, or simply planking on a boat, Arthur takes his fitness very seriously. As you can see!

3. @fitteryoulondon

This happy chappy is South London’s great gay resource. Creator of the “Fitter Confident You 12 Week Programme” Matt is helping gay guys find their place in the world with workouts & meditation. How fab is that!

4. @mattfeczko

Fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and leggings enthusiast, Matt is the founder and face of Lunges in Leggings. Based in East London, they offer all sorts of classes from vinyasa yoga to boot camps to animal movement classes. All while wearing the fanciest of leggings in the city.

5. @bikeywithmikey

The hunky PT/instructor not only has great abs (which he does, see below), he’s also the creator of Ride HIIT Hard, London’s most suggestively-named interval training cycle class combo. The weekly workout for guys who happen to be gay starts in May, so look for more sweaty selfies to come!

6. @mrjamescohen

The actor/singer/dancer/model is also a personal trainer based out of Soho gyms in Farringdon. Not only is his feed filled with fabulous photos of himself in various getups, he also looks like this!

Get your very own gay personal trainer

And the best part is you can get your very own gay personal trainer to design a training and nutrition program to suit your individual needs, and be on hand to help coach you towards your goals.

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