17 Thoughts Every Gay Man Has Had About The Gym

Gay men, like every demographic, have mixed feelings about the gym and people who go to the gym, not all of which are positive. We love the gym, we kinda have to as it’s a big part of modern-day fitness, but that doesn’t mean every gay out there has to. There are ways to get fit and stay in shape that don’t involve the gym.

So if you think that gay gyms are just an excuse to strip off unnecessarily and that the changing rooms are just a stop on the way to an orgy, then you might recognise some of these thoughts about gay gym life.

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Gay Fitness Groups

If you are a gym-going gay and have ever had any of these thoughts, frustrations, or concerns, you could always try something a little different. Why not join in with one of the many gay fitness groups around London? If working out alone isn’t for you this could be a great way to get fit, get motivated, and make some new friends!