5 Reasons Why You Should Workout With Your Boyfriend

The couple that trains together, stays together… apparently. But then didn’t they say that about the family that bathes together? Not something I would encourage. That being said, there are some very good reasons to work in a workout with your current squeeze.

1. No excuses


One of the main reasons people cite for skipping the gym is lack of time. And we get it, life is full of work, obligations, and distractions. So if you manage to combine seeing your boyfriend with hitting the gym, not only are making efficient use of your free time, but you’re much less likely to make an excuse and skip your workout.

2. Healthy date night


I don’t know about you, but when I start dating someone the diet tends to go out the window. From first-date drinks to fifth-date dinner and a movie, you can spend more and more of your free time eating excess calories and sitting around staring into their sweet blue eyes. And despite the extra calories you may burn at the end of the night (wink), there’s an easier way to keep the ‘Love weight’ down.

Make a date of your trip to the gym. If you both plan to go anyway, go together! Even if you grab dinner afterwards, you’re less likely to eat unhealthy food or drink excess calories given how hard you’ve just worked out.

3. You get to perv/show off


It’s shallow we know it, but we all know we look great after a workout. Go on, admit it. The flush of blood, the trickle of sweat, the post-workout pump in all the right places, and chances are your boyf doesn’t get to see you like this very often.

You will look your hottest and most manly after a good workout, and you get to show that off to the guy you’re boning. Added bonus, you get to perv over how hot your boyfriend looks as he squats and curls his way into your heart.

4. It’s good for your training

We all get into habits, and if you’re training by yourself for most of the week, it can be easy to get complacent in your training. Adding another person into the mix, whether it be your boyfriend, a workout buddy, or a gay personal trainer, will keep you on your toes and make you give your training a tune-up.

5. It’s good for your relationship


Overcoming a challenge as a couple helps to strengthen your emotional bond with your partner. Add to that the post-workout endorphin buzz that you will then associate with your partner, the healthy dissolution of stress together, and building a sense of synchronicity by working out together, a couples workout can be a really healthy decision for your relationship.

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