7 Reasons Why CrossFit Gays Make Great Boyfriends (And why they’re not for everyone)

CrossFit can seem like something of a fitness cult to outsiders, but this bizarre combination of macho and homoerotic can create some of the best boyfriends out there. That being said, they’re not for everyone. So here are 7 of their best qualities, as well as some of the cons of dating these pros:

1. He’s ambitious (and competitive)

CrossFit isn’t a light-hearted workout, so a CrossFit guy is likely going to be very driven and dedicated. There are clear goals, and in order to progress in CrossFit, he’ll likely throw himself in head first. If you like a man with ambition and determination, a man who sees what he wants and goes out and gets it no matter what, then a CrossFit guy is for you!

However, CrossFit is also a breeding ground for competitive streaks. If he’s into CrossFit then he probably wants to be the best and will fight like a caged beast for the top spot. If you find a competitive nature and a need to always win akin to Monica from Friends unattractive, then maybe don’t date from within the CrossFit pool.

2. He’s disciplined

Despite what they might say, CrossFit isn’t fun. It’s badass, satisfying, hard-work that can leave you feeling frickin’ amazing… but it is not fun. It hurts, it’s tough, and it is not for the faint of heart. A CrossFit boyfriend will probably carry those qualities outside of the gym too. If something needs to be done – whether or not it’s enjoyable – then he’ll get it done.

Conversely, he may expect you to be disciplined too. So if you have a pile of laundry from last year still towering in the corner of your room that you’ve been meaning to get around to, you may not be an ideal match at home. Or he may end up doing your laundry for you. Win-win.

3. He’s got a great body


Image by: jonatanmartin.squarespace.com

Look how mature we were leaving this until point 3. Yes, CrossFitters have great bodies. If they’ve been doing classes and competitions for a while there’s no denying that they are going to be ripped. Think Tarzan-esque muscles, abs you could grate cheese on, and enough energy to keep going all night long. Credit where credit is due.

Enjoy, but be warned, all the boys will have their eyes on him wherever you go. And if you’re comfortable with your sexy CrossFit boyfriend being oogled whenever you’re out in public, then lock it down!

4. He can cook

Anyone who takes their fitness seriously, like a CrossFitter, will know that diet and nutrition are important, possibly even more important than what they do at the gym. So food will always be at the forefront of his mind. If you’re looking for a man you can feed or one that can feed you, then get yourself a CrossFit boyfriend now!

HOWEVER! An obsession with food is one that is best shared, and if you eat to live rather than live to eat, you’re gonna get fed up of his dinner planning pretty quick. Especially when you consider that most/all of his food will be healthy and protein-based. Don’t expect lavish deserts and homemade treats to come out of his kitchen.

5. He will always wear sexy gym clothing

This boy will live in skin-tight tops, compression shorts, and vests that show off every hard-earned muscle. Lovely. The downside to that is that he will live in gym clothes. Good luck getting him to dress up in a nice sweater vest from time to time.

6. He’s always shirtless

Let’s follow that up by saying that a CrossFit boyfriend will take every opportunity to show off the spoils of his hard work. Every gay event you go to from Pride to Halloween to a regular Friday night, he will whip his top off without a moment’s hesitation. Yay!

… And we can’t really think of a downside to this.

7. He’ll support you

Though CrossFit is highly competitive, it’s also very much a community, with many competitions being team-based. Though he will always strive to be the best he can be, he’ll always want the same for you. Whether he’s screaming, “YOU GOT THIS” in your ear or whispering it to you before your first day at work, he understands there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you don’t put your mind to it.

And that’s so awesome that I’m gonna sign up to the next WODProud class right now!

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