7 Steps To Asking Out Guys At The Gym

Oh my god there’s this guy I see at the gym and he’s super cute and I want him to be my boyfriend. If this has ever been you then you’re in luck, asking a guy out at the gym is a lot easier than in a lot of other situations. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact, check him out, and assess whether he’s into you.

1. Find out if he’s into men

Gay, bi, curious, poly, pan, any of them will do. But if he’s straight, then you’re just wasting time that could be spent training. This means either listening in on some conversations creepy stalker-style (hey, we’ve all done it) or trusting your well-honed gaydar.

2. Make eye contact

This will confirm whether or not he’s into guys. When you make eye contact his reaction will be 1 of 3 things:

  1. he’ll break contact and look away immediately,
  2. he’ll hold eye contact,
  3. he’ll look you up and down.

If he goes for option 1 then it’s likely he’s either straight, or he’s just not here for that. Both mean that it’s time to abandon the cause with this one and head on to the next one (or, y’know, work out instead).

3. Use the same equipment as him

If you see him at the gym regularly you’ll know what equipment he tends to use (and vice versa), so it will be a totally natural and innocent interaction to ask him how many more sets he has, or if he minds if you jump in between sets. It’s totally acceptable gym etiquette and a great way to break the ice and start a conversation.

4. Introduce yourself

This is your jumping off point when you make your intentions clear while at the same time not being too forward or a creep. If you weren’t interested in him, you wouldn’t tell him your name. You would just use the equipment, get your workout done, and then leave. This is the first signal that you’re into him and hopefully, he’ll pick up on that.

5. Say hi to him

Next time you see him, say hi. Keep that friendly rapport going and before you know it you’ll be that guy he knows from the gym… the one that’s kinda cute and should probably be his boyfriend.

6. Ask him for a spot/if he needs a spot

Again, totally acceptable gym etiquette, but also forward enough to make it clear you’d like to get to know him a little better. Do you live/work around here? How’s your training going? Come here often? 😉 Get chatting, but not so much that your workout suffers, or you distract him from his.

7. Ask him out

Hopefully, you’ll have picked up the right vibe if he’s into you, so ask him out. Wanna grab a coffee/drink/protein shake after? Go for it! What have you got to lose? If he’s not into you or not single then don’t make it awkward if he says no, you don’t want to have to avoid him every time you go to the gym.

Remember, boys come and go, but a gym membership is forever!

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