Fit Gays Are Statistically More Slutty

We stumbled upon a study that took place in 2012, confirming once and for all that fit gays are the sluttiest sub-sect of mankind. Shocking, right?

The study aimed to evaluate the association between lifestyle and risk behaviours, in this case, the lifestyle was #gymlife and “risk behaviours” were those connected with being more promiscuous (in other words, having unprotected sex). The assumption was that men who became more muscular and more physically attractive then increased their number of sexual partners, and consequently their risk of HIV or other STIs.

A little stereotypical, but not an illogical assumption.

The study also compared the difference between MSM (men who have sex with men) and heterosexual men. The results will (not) shock you.

What counts as “slutty”

The parameters for this study were those who exercised more than the median number of training hours being defined as performing intensive anaerobic training (IAT). Those that had performed more than one act of unprotected intercourse in the preceding six months (with a partner whose HIV status was unknown) were classed as high risk.

Note: Just to be clear, at no point did the authors of this study refer to participants as “slutty”, that’s merely used here for effect.

Gay/Bi men are significantly different from straight men

Again, groundbreaking right? The study showed that MSM had a stronger desire to become more muscular, were significantly more likely to perform IAT, and used either protein powders or anabolic steroids. Improving their body shape and increasing self-confidence was cited as being the main reasons for training, while straight men claimed it was mainly for weight loss and improvement of health.

The association between high levels of training and increased sexual risk was stronger in MSM than in hetero men (p<0.01 vs p=0.05, respectively), which leads to questions about the implications of gay gym life.

Gay gym culture has demonstrated how internal dynamics and social norms are possible factors driving gay and bisexual men to high-risk behaviours, in regards to both sexual health and body image. The authors suggest that the LGBT community could benefit from a holistic approach to sexual health and its association with body image and IAT… and you know what, they’re not wrong about that.

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