Forums like those found on can be a breeding ground for homophobic comments. Without any real kind of mediation, people are free to post their wildest, most homophobic thoughts (as well as plenty of racist and sexist thoughts I’m sure).

We found this – admittedly old – thread on, simply titled: gay guys at the gym, which we thought we would share just in case anyone out there thought homophobia at the gym wasn’t a thing.

Gay guys at the gym are perves

So @thehotspitta posted a question to the wider audience about gay guys at the gym, making a valiant attempt to understand our people and our motivation to go to the gym.

“are they at the gym to lift or to find other gay people like them? today was sitting on the bench and noticed 2 gay guys bending over, next to each other and pulling on their shorts I was like ???? and just gave them a bertstare.”

I’ll admit to not knowing what a bertstare was before Googling it… and now I kinda love it.

Image result for bertstare

He goes on to say he doesn’t actually mind gay men existing (what a sweetie), but also feels he needs to make it clear to gay guys that he is inclined to punch them if they appraoch him.

“I have no problem with gay people but I do have a problem when they start making subtle hints towards me feel like I need to show them a clenched fist so they back down. Anyone else this problem???”

There was no picture attached to @thehotspitta’s profile, but I imagine he’s so insanely good looking that every gay and girl would be constantly lusting over him in the gym and thus ruining his workout… (now there’s a call for a bertstare)

Various homophobic replies

Some of the replies were similarly / slightly more homophobic than the original post.

i don’t think i’m going to the gym past 1-2 pm, srs…. I have a tendency to attract many homos and when they lick their lips at me it honestly gets me so uncomfortable and it pisses me off when they keep making hints towards me.
i know that feel, I had a gay dude doing dumbbell bench presses stare and smile at me too hard showing all his teeth through the gym mirror. Now he works in my building as a RST….stalker is good stalker.

Then there was this fantastic suggestion from Issobolic28:

1. Take out cellphone
2. Pretend you’re calling a buddy
3. Tell buddy about the hot chick you met last night and the sex you had.
4. Make sure to include every nasty detail (i.e. say how tight and wet her pussy was)

That should do it. Gay guys will definately be turned off.

In his defence, he is absolutely correct.

A slightly different tact was taken by Intergrase who suggested this:

“Just whip out yo dick and shove it into his mouth to shut him up good.”

… not sure that would get the gay guys to stop showing you attention.

And I’m not 100% sure what point this guy was trying to make.

fine you can watch me work out, fine you can work out next to me, fine you can do your gay walk around me; but fukin shet if i leave done you fukin follow me…god that makes me rage, and its always the fukin 40-50 y old phaggots who are just reaching the age to be too old to tell them anything.

Then there were a few posts that, while meaning well, sounded a little like those defending sexual harassment, so now we’re torn between our outrage and our desire to be PC

Vezna: “Wink If a gay man find you attractive , it is a compliment”

“Take it as a compliment.Would you like to be a F’ugly no one looks at? Just say would you like to take a picture?It would last longer.They should back off.No need to call them Phaggots.”

Homophobia gets a poor score

We would like to take a moment to commend for their ranking system, as you can clearly see those posting shitty comments like “this is why I’m always carrying”, receive severely negative scoring and sarcastic little comments on their profile like

“zarathos is not very well liked. (-100)”

The best of which is assigned to the original poster “thehotspitta” who has the following comments on his profile, which we find reassuring 😀

thehotspitta is the lowest scum of the boards. (Worst Rank) gay guys at the gym

Have you experienced homophobia in the gym?

If you’ve ever experienced this kind of homophobia, either in the gym or in any kind of online fitness environment, let us know and we will happily name and shame them!

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