Should We Be Working Out Naked?

It worked for the ancient Greeks, right? The founders of modern society and physical institutions like the Olympic Games were no strangers to working out in the buff. They often wore draped garments that could be thrown off at a moment’s notice should the need for exercise suddenly take them over.

When the Olympics started – all the way back in 1100 B.C.E. – there are documented reports of Spartans discarding their clothing during competitions. Unrestricted by clothing, these lithe, nude athletes won such a high proportion of events that other competitors began to emulate their style.

From roughly the seventh century B.C.E. onwards, competing in the nude became part of the Olympic tradition. That is until the Christian emperor banned the games in 393 C.E. for its supposed ties to polytheism.

Party pooper.

But the Greeks may have been on to something, as getting buff in the buff may have a few key benefits, apart from the obvious.

Basis eines Athletengrabes. 510 v. Chr.

1. Keeping cool

Probably one of the main reasons the Greek gays stripped off was that wearing clothes at the dawn of civilization was just too damn hot. In warmer weather, we’re all more inclined to strip off and get some air to our skin. And while it may seem like the weakest of excuses to get naked, sod it. If it feels good (and you’re not breaking any decency laws) then do it. Whatever gives you one more reason to enjoy your workout, we’re all for stripping off

2. Let your skin breath

While modern exercise gear is very sophisticated and good at keeping you cool and dry, it still prevents your skin from being able to breathe. Keith McNiven, who runs naked HIIT classes in London states that, “When you sweat, your body releases toxins and by wearing tight workout clothes, you’re actually weakening your skin by reabsorbing the sweat that is released by the body as you sweat.”

3. Feel good in your skin

Most of us will be exercising in an attempt to look good and feel better about ourselves. And in the harsh light of gym lighting, you’re coming face-to-face with your fears (especially if you’re working out in front of a mirror). Namely, every inch of your skin is on display, and working out in the buff can help you appreciate just how impressive your body is at moving, lifting weights, and generally getting your around.

“Without clothes, you’ll be able to see the different muscle groups in all their glory as you exercise,” Keith, of Right Path Fitness, said. “You will be able to actually see how strong you are, to visualise the impact of each exercise you do and marvel at how fantastic the human body actually is.”

4. Progress pics

Another advantage of staring at your naked body while you workout is that there’s no hiding your gains. You’ll be able to keep a clear eye on your progress, noticing even the most minor of changes. It will also help to keep you motivated, once you see that progress you’ll get a nice boost of motivation to keep working towards your goals.

5. Feel flexible

The way you move is invariably influenced by what you’re wearing, and if you’re wearing nothing at all you’ll be able to experience a full range of motion. This means you’ll be able to truly maximise your workouts, getting the most effective results during your time at the gym.

Tips for naked workouts you can do at home

You may struggle to find a good selection of naked gyms out there, so if you’re keen to work out in the nude, there are certain exercises that are ideal to try out at home where you can strip off whenever you like (as long as your roommates don’t mind).

Full body exercises, such as squats, lunges, and push-ups, showcase your entire physique, meanwhile isometric exercises can work multiple muscle groups at the same time without requiring a lot of movement. This means you can pick a few good poses, have a good workout, AND check yourself out in the mirror without the danger of dangling bits flying all over the place.

Gay Fitness Challenge 2018

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