Women have been rocking athleisurewear for years, and nowadays leggings for men – also known as compression pants – are becoming increasingly popular. There are a whole host of major athletic brands that have a range of compression pants that help improve performance in the gym, running and in other sports.

We got some professional insight from Kapow Meggings who produce a whole line of snazzy, sexy, meggings (men’s leggings, in case you were unsure).

There a bunch of benefits to exercising in compression leggings that you don’t get with shorts, which is why you see so elite athletes in soccer, basketball, rugby, and American football rocking them.

1. Performance & recovery

Image: Kapow Meggings

They’re designed to help performance, whether you’re pounding the pavement or powering through sets in the gym. Compression improves circulation and oxygen delivery which helps to increase stamina and repetitive muscle power, helping you work out at a higher rate for longer.

Better blood flow also helps your body get rid of lactic acid faster, decreasing muscle fatigue and recovery time. Wearing compression garments can also significantly reduces post-exercise muscle soreness and inflammation.

2. Muscle support & stability

Image: Kapow Meggings

Compression leggings also refine proprioception, or your sense of your body’s positioning and movement, which can help improve efficiency of movement, make fitness activities less tiring, and improve coordination.

3. Comfort & durability

Image: Kapow Meggings

Compression leggings are designed to fit like a second skin and can offer protection from the environment or whatever you come up against. If you’re rolling around on gym mats or the outdoors, they also offer protection from cuts, scratches, abrasions and the weather.

Depending on what you’re wearing leggings for, there are different types to suit your needs. There are lightweight leggings for yoga, and compression leggings for sports and the gym.

4. Looking good!

Image: Kapow Meggings

Sure, you can wear a pair of black or navy shorts like everyone else, but why fit in when you can stand out? Kapow believe that humans are born for self-expression, and so design leggings featuring sharks, electricity, speed lines and neon leopard print.

I tried out a pair of bright green tartan meggings, and I swear I kept falling over during lunges because my butt has never looked better and it was distracting me in the mirror.

Check out Kapow’s Instagram for inspiration on how guys all over the world wear their meggings.

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