The on-coming chaos that is Black Friday means there are a million deals to be found wherever you’re shopping. However, what we found when browsing through the fitness section of Amazon’s Black Friday deals is that a deal isn’t always a bargain. There are plenty of purchases you could make that would be discounted and still not worth your PayPal pennies.

A good rule of thumb to help you figure out if a piece of fitness equipment is worth buying or not is this: if it has a home shopping channel advert, it’s probably crap. Having said that, I bloody love watching the home shopping channel! Look how simple it is to lose weight and tone up just by shaking this vibrating dumbbell for 10 minutes a day! Why have we not been doing this all along?! (Well, because it’s total crap Brenda that’s why)

So here are some of the typical deals that are clearly total crap!

Mini exercises foot pedal

Need a quick workout but don’t have time to leave your desk? Then you need the “BookCycle Mini Exercise Bike Foot Pedal Exerciser for Leg and Arm Cycling Workout”. Get a great cardio workout and pretend your desk is a pedalo, or plonk it on your desk and work those arms instead! That seems totally appropriate for work, and I’m sure no one will look at you like you’re crazy.

Electrical muscle stimulators

I have to confess, I had a variation of one of these back in 2003. It seemed like such a great idea. I would just lie down, switch on the TV (this was a pre-Netflix era), and let the machine build my muscles and tone my tummy for me. Suffice to say that no, it does not work, no matter how convincing that ad is with Cristiano Ronaldo in it.

Sauna belt

When you workout you sweat, so surely if you make your stomach sweat more then you’ll lose more weight and get a six-pack right? Well then, we have just the thing for you! The sauna belt! Their money-back guarantee states that you will look and feel slimmer straight away… mainly because you can wear it like a girdle.

Yep, that’s right, it’s basically a girdle that makes you sweat more. Sounds great huh?

And don’t worry ladies and lesbians, it comes in pink too – for women!

A “sports” trampoline

You know, this could actually be quite good. If it’s a form of exercise that you enjoy enough to do regularly, then it’s all good in our book. But let’s be honest and think how often you’re likely to hop onto your trampoline and bust out a bouncing workout? The rest of the time it’ll just be a dumping ground for dirty laundry before becoming a nuisance that is folded up and hidden under the bed.

You’re better off spending the £81 on a few months at the gym.


Health & beauty supplements

In our post on Black Friday deals that are actually worth it, we covered the topic of supplements, focusing pretty much on just protein powder and creatine. While those ones are worth the money, there are still HUNDREDS of so-called health and beauty supplements that are little better than bottled chalk.

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