It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The weirdly week-long Black Friday Sale on Amazon! Whether you’re looking to grab some early Christmas presents or you’re simply shopping for a gift for yourself, there are LOADS of deals to be found as of this morning!

We’ve scribbled down some of our favourite things to add to your shopping cart that are not only a great deal but are actually useful for getting in shape.

Happy shopping!!

Resistance bands

OK, so the deal for these may not be amazing, but a set of resistance bands is a must for any fitness enthusiast. Not only do they give you the flexibility to workout at home or when you travel, but they also have a whole host of uses that can supplement your gym routine. Improve your mobility, flexibility, grip strength, and range of motion, as well as getting a nice pump on before you head out.

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Pull-up bar

If you have the space and wall strength at home, get yourself a pull-up bar. Pull-ups are evil but amazing at building ALL kinds of strength and working multiple muscle groups. The option to hop up and rep out a few pull-ups whenever you can will go a long way towards improving your back strength, developing your lats and biceps, as well as engaging your core and increasing your grip strength.

Push up bars

If you’re doing pull-ups, you may as well drop and do some push-ups as well. Another simple yet incredibly effective exercise, push-ups can be used to sculpt and build your chest muscles in all sorts of ways. One way to do that is to make push-ups a little more challenging by using some push-up bars. Another way is to hit the chest muscles from multiple angles, which you can also do with push up bars.

Protein and supplements

While it is still best to get all your nutrition from your food, sometimes that’s just not possible, and Black Friday is a great time to pick up a good deal on large orders of protein powder and other supplements.

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Gym gear accessories

So you may not need another gym bag or a micro-fibre sweat towel, but since it’s Black Friday you may as well stock up on a few bits and bobs to throw in with your regular gym kit.

Jump rope

Not to be confused with the skipping ropes of your supremely gay childhood, a speed jump rope is heftier, has a special grip, and will sting like a motherfucker when you slice the backs of your legs. They are, however, a vital part on any CrossFit workout, and the sooner you start practising your double-unders the better you’ll do in your upcoming meets.


Add in a set of decent dumbbells and there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do at home. So order yourself a set of these and feel free to cancel your gym membership.

Rollers and massagers

Rollers and trigger-point massagers hurt like a mother, but they’re amazing at releasing tension, sorting out any post-training kinks, and improving flexibility and mobility both before and after a session.

Rowing machine

If you were going to spend a load of money on some at-home fitness equipment, then the best big one you can buy would be a rowing machine. Forget the treadmill, this bad boy is the king of cardio, recruiting multiple muscle groups while burning a butt-load of calories, all from the comfort of your home.

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