5 Reasons You Should Love Your Fat

This is the point in the year where we all look down in despair at the size of our Christmas bellies and try to think back desperately to the last time we actually went to the gym. And while the gays are especially unforgiving of dad bods, there are still plenty of reasons you should learn to love your fat, instead of loathing it.

1 – Body fat = fun

We let our fitness slip during the month of December because, despite our best intentions, there will always be something more fun to do than going to the gym. Another office party, seeing your friends before they all head home for the holidays, catching up with relatives, and then the big day itself.

It’s a season of excess that we all enjoy. And that’s the point of it all! We enjoy it, and our slightly more rotund forms are an expression of that.

OK, you don’t want to eat and drink excessively all year, but the fact that you have done so in the last few weeks will be reflected in a slightly bigger bump in your belly. Don’t hate it, embrace it. We all need some enjoyment in life, otherwise what the hell is the point?!

2 – Your body fat percentage is probably not that bad

You’ve probably seen images like this floating around the internet. And while it’s fine to aim for that elusive single-digit body fat percentage, it helps to put things in perspective when you’re feeling more pudgy than you’d like.

mens body fat percentage
Image courtesy of Nerd Fitness
mens body fat percentage
Image courtesy of Nerd Fitness

3 – Admire, don’t aspire (at least not all the time)

There are innumerable pictures in magazines, movies, and pornos of bulging biceps, shredded abs, and a body fat percentage that never reaches the double digits. These pictures are to be admired, but not always aspired to.

These are incredible athletes or professionals, all of whom have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results, they have indomitable willpower and a wealth of knowledge that helps them train their bodies to perfection. They also have the resources, time, and usually a shit tonne of money to spend on personal trainers and nutritionists to prepare their food for them.

Maybe we could achieve same results with hard work and a strict diet. In time a 6 pack could replace our Christmas pudding bellies, but some of couldn’t achieve these results no matter how hard we tried, and those of us who could would not always be able to maintain these results.

Sooner or later life will get in the way, and you’ll miss a week or two at the gym, or you’ll eat some peanut M&Ms and your belly will return. And that’s ok.

4 – Body fat is important

Essential body fat is needed for the body to function normally, otherwise we wouldn’t have it. Body fat is used for insulation, helps to protect your vital organs, and helps to absorb vitamins. It’s also an essential part of our cell structures so is crucial in maintaining your skin, hair and nail health.

Most importantly, fat is an energy source. A healthy level of body fat is important in keeping your energy levels up and warding off illness or chronic fatigue.

Don’t aim for the Skeletor look, not sexy.

5 – Finally, it will be back

This is why you’ve got to learn to love your fat. You’ve lived with a belly before and you’ll live with it again. It’s just a part of life, and the more time you spend punishing yourself over those extra rolls of love, the less energy you’ll have to focus towards getting rid of them.

We’re not saying we should stop trying to achieve more – in fact the whole point of this website is to help you become the best you can be – but when you’re not at 100% there’s no reason you should feel bad about that.

And with that said, I’ve just eaten a Mars Bar, so I’m off to the gym.

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