Bread isn’t the bad guy many of us think it is. Back when carbs, in general, were viewed as the enemy, bread always seemed to be the worst of the worst. And white bread?! Just criminal. But mankind has been making and living on bread for millennia, so there must be something good mixed in there with all those carbs, right?

Don’t banishing breakfast toast

Looking to avoid excess carbs in the morning? Well, avoiding the much-loved tea and toast for breakfast in favour of other “healthy” alternatives could backfire on you. The average loaf has about a quarter to half a teaspoon of sugar per slice, roughly 1.5g for a wholewheat toasted slice of deliciousness.

Let’s compare that to a Starbucks strawberry smoothie you might pick up on your way to work which has a total of 41g of sugar per serving! Ok, most of that is natural sugar, but still! Just have a slice of toast!

Fibre, vitamins, and even PROTEIN?!

Yup, bread actually has nutritional benefits, especially if you opt for wholemeal varieties. They have fibre which helps you poop, B vitamins which keep your nervous system functioning, iron, calcium, and yes, even protein. A slice of Hovis Seed Sensation (my personal favourite) has up to 4.4g of protein per slice, and partnered with a healthy dose of carbohydrates it makes an ideal post-workout snack (yes, you really do need carbs after a workout).

Wholemeal vs white bread

We’re not here to bust any myths, because wholemeal / wholegrain / wholewheat is actually better for you than white bread. Mainly because it’s a good source of fibre, providing as much as 1/10th of your daily requirements in a single slice. But while white bread doesn’t have the fibre that many of us are lacking, it’s still low in saturated fats, has vitamins and minerals, provides energy, and tastes bloody good!

What’s the worst thing about bread?

So turns out that bread isn’t bad for you, but we rarely eat bread by itself. Adding on loads of butter, jam, or chocolate spread, dipping it in olive oil, or adding a butt load of cheese or mayonaise to make sandwiches, that’s where you get a tonne of calories added, a lot of which are just from sugar (Nutella we’re looking at you).

So unless you’ve been diagnosed by a doctor for having a wheat or gluten intolerance (which typically only affects 1 in 100 people), then bread is just as good / bad as any other food you eat.

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