What Is Buried Penis Syndrome And How Can You Avoid It?

Imagine waking up one morning to discover your penis is noticeably smaller, and then it continues to lose length day after day until it retreats inside of you. Sounds like our greatest nightmare, but it is a genuine medical condition. Buried penis – also known as a hidden penis – is something that doctors are seeing more and more of … poor choice of words. Drogo Montague, M.D., a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic, explains that a buried penis is one that doesn’t extend outside the body. “There is an opening where the penis would normally hang, and the head is usually plush with skin, but there’s no shaft outside of the body.” File:Buried penis 01.jpg Don’t despair, because a penis doesn’t become buried overnight. And if things start heading south, there are actions you can take to prevent any further loss of length.

What causes a buried penis?

There are two main types of buried penis. One is a pediatric problem, in which a circumcision removed too much of a boy’s foreskin. The remaining skin can form scar tissue and become so tight that the skin pulls forward and covers the penis. This kind of buried penis can be corrected with surgery, where the scar tissue is removed and the area is reconstructed. While this type of buried penis can afflict adults – those that were circumcised later in life – the most common to affect adult men is caused by obesity.

Obesity and the road to a buried penis

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Not all weight gain will lead to a buried penis, but it can happen with extreme obesity. So, the penis has two erection chambers, and one-third of these chambers are inside the body with the remaining two-thirds outside in the penile shaft. When there is a dramatic amount of weight gain it’s almost as if the body engulfs the penis. Yes, it may be fairly rare, but a buried penis is another health concern for those who are struggling to keep their weight gain under control. It can cause further medical complications and have huge psychological implications, as you would expect.

How to combat obesity

Wouldn’t the world be a simpler place if we had the answer, but unfortunately there isn’t a simple way to overcome obesity. However, the first step would be identifying any dramatic weight gain. If you find that you’ve been gaining weight fast – anything from around 1kg a week – then it’s time to take your health more seriously and protect yourself against potential problems like buried penis syndrome. So the first step is to step on those scales, and while numbers aren’t everything, keeping an eye on your weight is vital in keeping any potential weight gain problems under control.

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