A gay personal trainer is pretty much the same as a straight personal trainer, just one that will hopefully make you feel more comfortable when training with them.

There’s nothing to prove when training with a gay PT. No need to act a certain way or feel like you’re being judged by a trainer who is there to help you get stronger, fitter, healthier, and more confident.

Like you, a gay PT understands the alpha male BS that is so common in the fitness industry and can help you to take your training to the next level – without any flashbacks of high school PE classes.

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Straight PTs are lovely, and we’re sure that plenty of them are super gay-friendly. But the truth is you never know, and if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible.

So say goodbye to giving your PT an awkward look when they ask if you’ve got a girlfriend, talk about football, or try to give you that bro-slap instead of a handshake at the end of a session.

Get yourself a gay personal trainer!

Find a gay personal trainer in London

There are still sessions available to train with our lovely London gay personal trainers, all of whom have experience in different fields and can offer you a unique and personalised experience.

Check out our gay personal trainers in London.

Find a gay personal trainer in Manchester

The UK’s unofficial second-capital is home to all sorts of LGBT groups and activities, making it the ideal place to find yourself a great gay personal trainer.

Check out our gay personal trainers in Manchester.

Find an online gay personal trainer

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If 1 on 1 personal training session aren’t for you, you could still benefit from working with a gay personal trainer. Online PTs will help you plan your workouts and nutrition and will still be on-hand to offer you support and motivation whenever you need it via email, apps, or social media.

Check out our online gay personal trainers.

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Fill in your details below if you’re interested in training with one of our listed gay PTs. Be sure to include as much information as you can and one of the guys will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Note: Prices for PT sessions vary across trainers, location, and platform (online vs 1-on-1), typically starting around £50 per session. Enquire below to find out more.

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