Chest day, leg day, back day, arms day, cardio day, hell even a yoga class. You’ve probably got all of these factored into your gym timetable, but what about your shoulders? Do you give them even half the attention that you give to your biceps? Your arms constitute only about 10 percent of your body, which means when you’re training your biceps or triceps, most of your body is at rest.

Not only do your shoulders dwarf your biceps in size, but also in the impact they have on the rest of your body and other aspects of your training.

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1. The secret to looking big

Training your shoulders is vital for all those skinny boys out there desperate to pack on some muscle in order to look big and sexy. First of all, you already look sexy, so don’t stress. Second of all, hitting the bench press won’t have as much of an impact on your appearance as if you were to add some size to your shoulders.

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Your shoulder muscles have three different parts – the anterior, medial and posterior head – and the most effective way to train them all is with a combination of compound movements and single-joint isolations. Compounds will work all three (think dumbbell and barbell overhead presses) while isolations will build them individually (these are your front raises, lateral raises, and bent-over laterals for anterior head, medial head, and posterior respectively).

Do your compound exercises first, and work in the 6 to 8 reps per set range to add some mass to your frame.

2. Strong shoulders = sexy shape

Don’t get me wrong, I love a boy with big biceps, but you’re probably perving over the guy with big shoulders without even noticing it. Think of Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Joe Manganiello, Jason Momoa, Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Reynolds.

That triangular shape that has all the girls and gays swooning can’t be achieved without adding some serious size to your shoulders.

(Please enjoy these gifs of Henry Cavill training his shoulders)


3. Better posture

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Not only will training your shoulders make you look bigger, it will also make you look taller by helping to improve your posture. Strengthening the muscles surrounding your shoulder joint creates more stability and an overall sturdier body structure.

Strengthening the backs of your shoulders (posterior deltoids for those of you taking notes) alongside the upper-back muscles (trapezius and the rhomboids) will help to counter some of the rounded shoulders and hunching that can result from over-training your chest muscles and sitting at a desk all day.

4. Better range of movement and flexibility

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Your shoulder joint is one of the least stable joints in your body, making it more important to strengthen the supporting muscles and increase your range of motion. Neglecting your shoulders will make it more difficult to perform other moves – both in the gym and in real life. So whether you’re performing overhead squats or just reaching for something on a high shelf, you’ll notice how much easier they are once you start training shoulders.

5. Reducing chance of injury

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Since the shoulder joint is so delicate, it’s highly prone to injury when the muscles surrounding the joint are weak. Movement becomes altered which creates instability and can lead to injury.

Training the rotator cuff and the deltoid muscle will help stabilise the joint and help keep you injury-free and sexy at the same time!

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