Burn 500 Calories In 20 Minutes

OK, so there’s a fairly quick way to burn 500 calories in just 20-25 minutes. It involves partnering two of the best fat-burning moves back-to-back and working towards increasing your speed with each workout.

No weights and no running. Just results.

Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. This one is gonna hurt.


The goal for this challenge is to complete the workout in less than 25 minutes, reducing your time each workout. Therefore, you’ll need to be properly warmed up before you start so that you don’t waste precious seconds getting warm.

Start with 5 minutes of cycling to get your heart rate up, followed by some air squats and some back/shoulder flies to warm up your legs, back and shoulder muscles.

The challenge

Basically, you pair up rowing with a few burpees. Sounds simple right? HA!


For the burpees, make sure you lower your chest to the floor at the bottom, and get a good amount of height and extend your hips for the jump at the top.

Row for a total of 200 calories, pausing to perform 3 burpees every minute.

If you finish in less than 20 minutes increase to 250 calories with 4 burpees every minute, then 300 calories with 5 burpees every minute.

Let us know how you did!

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