What To Do If You’re Becoming Skinny Fat

Remember a simpler time, when you only had to worry about being skinny or fat? Well, welcome to your 30s and the curse of skinny fat!

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The less-glamorised version of the dad-bod can be caused by several different things, from diet, to training-style, to genetics. But don’t worry, the good news is there are plenty of things you that’ll make you go from skinny-fat to sexy-fab in no time! (Does that joke work?)

Why do guys get skinny fat?

Skinny fat is a result of low muscle mass, which means that any amount of body fat you have is far more noticeable. For example, 15% body fat on a guy with a good amount of muscle looks athletic, whereas the same amount of body fat on a guy with a smaller frame does not.

Does cardio make you skinny-fat?

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Well, it can, but cardio is not necessarily the enemy. Those that focus primarily on weight loss as opposed to body composition are likely to fall victim of becoming skinny-fat. When you gauge your success solely by the numbers on the scale, you’ll be less likely to focus on losing fat while building muscle than just losing any weight you can.

Excessive cardio without doing any resistance training – and living in a cardio deficit – will mean that you lose weight, but it will also mean that you probably won’t develop much muscle either. And as we mentioned earlier, lower muscle mass makes the small amount of fat you have all the more prominent.

Look at long distance runners and cyclists. Bradley Walsh may be a world-class cyclist, but he’s also got a world-class dad bod.

Tip: Keep your cardio sessions short, and pair them with some resistance training to strengthen and build muscle.

Does your diet make you skinny-fat?

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Again, it can, depending on what your diet is made up of. Many guys who focus on losing weight simply reduce the number of calories they eat, either by cutting out certain food, not eating after a certain time, or living on restricted food (like a soup and lemon water diet or whatever the fuck is trending these days).

Restricted diets like this will mean that you’re going to be eating less protein as well as fewer calories, which can be a problem. When you’re in a large calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than you’re burning) you’ll lose body fat, but you’ll also lose muscle as your body’s metabolism slows down significantly

Tip: Track what you’re eating, as well as how much. Record how many grams of carbs, protein and fat you’re eating and aim for a minimum of 0.8g of protein per kilo of body weight to ensure you don’t lose any muscle mass while reducing your calorie intake.

Gay Personal Trainers

If you’ve noticed yourself becoming skinny-fat and you don’t want to be anymore, why not get in touch with one of our fabulous gay personal trainers? They can design a training and nutrition program to suit your individual needs, and be on hand to help coach you towards your goals.

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