Bubble Butt Workout Part 2 – Warm up and activation exercises

Boys butts are brilliant! And whether you’re a top or a bottom, a jock or a drag queen, a perky peach is bound to give you bundles of confidence. So dust off your skinny jeans and get ready to show off that juicy fruit with the second part of our Bubble Butt Workout.

In our first bubble butt workout, we covered the big 4 exercises that will add some serious muscle mass to your glutes and legs. For part two we’re looking at how you can really target that tooshie by effectively warming up and preparing your butt for a workout.

Activation exercises

Activation exercises are a great way to prime the glutes and hamstrings during your warm up, which will help you to stimulate growth and add more volume without killing yourself. Taking the time to warm up thoroughly will not only reduce the chance of injury, but will transform your butt workout by activating all the right muscles, and help you to focus on your glutes when you start training full-tilt.

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Pre-warm up

Before you warm up, it can be helpful to work out some of the kinks in your legs and hips, especially if you’re working out first thing in the morning.

Grab a foam roller and make sure your hips and back are sufficiently “awake” and ensure that your fascia isn’t overly tight from extended periods of sitting down (especially if you’re working out in the evening). Also, it’s a good idea to perform a few hip opener stretches in order to prevent hyper-extending your lower back when trying to achieve hip extension.

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Bubble butt warm up

Don’t feel like you need to perform all of these movements, as you’ll end up spending an hour warming up. Choose the movements that you find your body needs the most. Where are you stiff and which movements do you struggle with in terms of range-of-motion? Those are the areas to spend a little extra time warming up.

1. Glute bridge

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The glute bridge is a great warm-up that only slightly makes you look like a slut. Lie on your back, plant your feet at 90 degrees, and thrust your hips to the sky while keeping your feet flat. Squeeze those glutes together at the top, relax, and repeat.


One-Leg glute bridge: Lift one leg and work to keep your hips square to the ground and not letting them dip to one side. Maintain a tight core and concentrate on that butt-squeeze while working on your balance.

Reverse glute bridge: Start in a reverse plank position, hands under your shoulders facing whichever way is most comfortable, with your weight on your heels this time. Lower your butt to the ground and then lift it back up to the sky, keeping your heels on the ground the whole time.

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2. Clam

Lying on your side with your arm up for support (if you prefer), bring your knees to 90 degrees with your torso. Open your hips to lift the top knee without letting your feet come apart.


Modified clam: Extend your lower leg out straight, then concentrate and raising the top leg in a clam-like motion.

3. Donkey kickback

Starting on your hands and knees, send one leg back and up to the sky. Focus on using your glutes rather than your lower back for this movement.



Resisted donkey kickback: Wrap a light resistance band around both wrists or under both of your hands. Wrap the resistance band around the middle of your foot and kick back in the same movement, keeping your foot flexed and focusing on recruiting just the glutes and not the lower back.


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4. Band Walks

OK, you’ll look and feel a little stupid at first, but band walks are SO good for activating your glutes and will help improve your form and strength when squatting and help you build a big ass booty. Wrap a mini band around your feet or just above your knees and walk laterally, keeping the upper body nice and still. Basically like a crab walk, which is always a sexy look.

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