7 Last-Minute Exercises for the Perfect Beach Bod

Crap, I forgot to get a beach body again!

The arrival of some consistent sunshine means it’s long past time that the gays took their tops off and headed for the beach! But if you’re like me, you maaaaaay have forgotten to give yourself enough time to get beach-body ready. So if you don’t fancy some emergency liposuction, we have 7 last minute exercises that will plump up the right parts and flatten the others in just a few moves.

Remember though, there is no perfect beach body. And while David Beckham in those Emporio ads is pretty much as close to perfection as there is, it doesn’t mean that other shapes and sizes aren’t sexy AF.

So let’s get ‘em sweaty and looking their best.

1. Incline chest press

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The key to a bigger chest is working the pecs from several different angles. But as we’re pressed for time, focusing on the upper chest will instantly make it look bigger and more impressive.

Start with the incline just one click up from flat so that you’re using more of your chest muscles rather than recruiting your shoulders (we’ll get to them later). And play around with tempo in order to increase the load on the muscles. Try lowering the dumbbell for a slow count of three, then exploding up in one quick count.

2. Spiderman push ups

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned push up for getting a nice pre-pool pump. If the basic version is challenging enough for you then stick to that, but if you want to add a little more effort, try this variation to not only add more unilateral work to your chest but get the added benefit of some core work as you go.

As you lower yourself to the floor, bring one knee to the outside of your elbow. The act of balancing will help to engage your core while you work your chest and triceps to push back up.

Remember to send your elbows back 45 degrees from your shoulder, rather than out to the side.

3. Shoulder press

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Shoulders are an often underestimated muscle group when it comes to looking buff quick! Full and round shoulders widen your frame while at the same time making your waist look smaller. The shoulder press works all heads of the shoulder, so you can afford to go all out with this one.

You can double up and work your core by sitting away from the back of the bench instead of leaning against it.

4. Jumping squats/alternating lunges

Ideal for when you’re on summer vacay as you don’t even need to head to the hotel gym for these. Squats are always a good idea, especially if you’re planning to grab some attention in a pair of snugly-fitted speedos. Smash out a few sets of jumping squats and/or jumping alternating lunges before you head down to the pool and your posterior will be extra perky.

5. Upright rows

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Back to those pecs, and a quick and easy way to get a pump is to perform some upright rows. Incorporate them into your workout or simply grab your suitcase (before you unpack, don’t cheat) and lift it up in front of your chest, up to your chin, holding it close to your body.

6. TRX bicep curls & Tricep extensions

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TRX is a weird-looking yet incredibly effective piece of equipment that has the added benefit of being extremely portable. So if you’re travelling this summer and want to stay in shape, then this is your boy.

Strap the TRX to a tree or secure it in the top of a door (hotel bathroom doors are ideal) and you’re all set to perform any number of bodyweight exercises that’ll give you a great pump before you hit the beach.

We personally love supersetting some bicep curls and tricep extensions to get the blood flowing to your arms and to help you fill out that skin-tight summer t-shirt.

7. Plank

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Aaaaand then there’s the plank. This horrible little exercise keeps cropping up in workouts, mainly because it’s replaced the sit up as the go-to abs workout you can perform anywhere at any time.

Get into the habit of planking every morning before you head out into the sunshine. Not only will it activate your core muscles and make your belly feel firmer and flatter, it will help you keep good posture and protect your lower back while you wander along the beach.

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