TRX Workouts That Don’t Feel Like You’re Playing With A Sex Swing At The Gym

You could be forgiven for never having attempted a TRX workout before, especially if you’re new to the gym. They basically look like sex swings attached to climbing frames in that corner of the gym where shouty guys slam down sandbags and practice karate.

But the truth is you could do an entire workout using a TRX system and your body would be aching the next day. Using leverage you can vary the amount of bodyweight you push or pull per exercise.

Got time for a quick outdoor TRX workout with @jose.siete?

According to a study in the Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research, working with a suspension trainer like a TRX can also significantly boost testosterone levels, all while adding some variety to your workout so that you don’t get bored.

Start by adding a couple of exercises to your regular routine, allowing you to hit your muscles from different angles and recruit those stabilising muscles that will drastically help improve your strength over time.

TRX upper body workout

The key to growing a great set of pecs is to hit the chest muscles from different angles. If you’re tired of the benches, then the TRX is ideal as you’ll never have the same angle twice. Pair your chest exercises with some back exercises to balance out the front and back.

1. TRX press-up (feel elevated) – 3 x 15

Try and gracefully get your feet into the handles of a fully-extended TRX and perform press-ups with your feet raised. The angle will recruit muscles in the upper pectorals to perform the movement, and having your feet suspended will require a great deal more core stabilisation so remember to keep your core tight and don’t let your lower back dip.

Big pecs and tight abs. Win-win.

2. TRX inverted rows – 10 x 10

Adjust the TRX straps so that the handles are about chest height. Hold the handles with your heels on the floor and your body straight. Pull yourself up, keeping your arms close to your body.

3. TRX press-up (arms in handles) – 3 x 15

Like the inverted row, have the TRX handles positioned about chest height. Hold the handles and move your feet back until you can hold your body weight and perform a press-up movement.

This will work your pecs from a different angle and will still require you to keep your core tight. It’s slightly less challenging so best performed towards the end of the workout.

4. TRX T-raises and Y flies

T-raises and Y-flies target your back, shoulders, neck and upper traps, and make a great finisher exercise. You’ll feel kinda stupid the first time you try them but they’re SO good that you’ll get used to it.

Grab the TRX handle, straighten your lower back, and keep your core tight as you lean back, placing your weight into your feet.

For T-raises, elevate your arms straight out to your sides, forming the shape of a T as you pull your body upwards.

For Y-flies, extend your arms overhead more as you pull yourself up, forming the shape of a Y.

I like to alternate between the two, but you could rep out a set of Ts followed by some Ys, or vice versa. The choice is yours, just keep that core tight and squeeze your back muscles at the top of the movement.

Get help from a gay personal trainer

Still unsure about how to handle the TRX? Get some extra help from a gay personal trainer and they can take you through these and LOADS of other exercises that’ll get you the results you want, fast.