Training with a gay personal trainer (PT) can help you feel more relaxed, confident and comfortable. You don’t have to worry that your PT will be a football-loving, lads weekend-having, Love Island-type that makes jokes about things you don’t understand and comments about women and boobs and all sorts of hetero crap.

A gay personal trainer understands the alpha male BS that is so common in the fitness industry, and can help you ignore all that and just focus on yourself and your own health and fitness journey.

There’s nothing to prove when training with a gay PT. They’ve been through a lot of the same experiences you have and can understand your worries and insecurities better than a straight PT would. 

Plus the chat is way better.

Nothing against the straight PTs, many of them are lovely and plenty are super gay-friendly. But the truth is you never know. If you’re feeling vulnerable, insecure and unsure in the gym, knowing your trainer is also gay can alleviate a lot of those fears and prevent those flashbacks to PE classes.

So say goodbye to giving your PT an awkward look when they ask if you’ve got a girlfriend, talk about football, or try to give you that bro-slap instead of a handshake at the end of a session. There’s no need to act a certain way around a gay personal trainer, or feel like you’re being judged. Your gay PT is there to help you get stronger, fitter, healthier, and more confident.

Gay personal trainers in London

Check out our lovely gay personal trainers to see which guy takes your fancy. With varied backgrounds and expertise, each one offers something special and will be sure to help you achieve your goals. Located throughout London, get in touch and find out if training with one of the boys could be right for you.


gay personal trainer darryl lampen

Darryl is a calisthenics coach, meaning he does a lot of body weight training in order to enable his body (and his clients’) to do amazing things. Yogi, vegan, flexible dieter and all-round lovely guy, Darryl is so passionate about health and fitness you can’t help but get excited too.

Darryl is based in South London and trains clients in 1-to-1, group, or online sessions.

Check him out on Instagram @darrylthecoach or visit to find out more.


arthur ebel gay personal trainer london

After 12 years competing internationally as an ice-skater, Arthur then lept into the world of show business, performing in iconic arenas all over the world, such as Madison Square Gardens in NYC and the Staples Center in LA.

Working specifically with gay clients, his classes, sessions and programs are tailor-made to your needs, goals and aspirations. Whether you’re looking to compete internationally or just feel better the next time you take your top off, Arthur will work with you to help you build confidence in your body and create a new and happy lifestyle.

Arthur is based in North London and trains clients in 1-to-1, group, or online sessions.

Check him out on Instagram @arthur.ebel or drop him an email to find out more.


My view of personal training goes beyond simply building aesthetics. I believe in achieving a strong body and a healthy mind so that you can  improve overall performance, look fitter, feel better and boost your self-confidence. More discipline and structure will help you overcome negative habits such as drinking, eating unhealthy food, and will allow you to make better choices.

Check him out on Instagram @fabio_pt_london or drop him an email to find out more.


Working with clients is a passion of mine. I have worked with people who have varying goals and challenges. I pride myself on my passion, enthusiasm and personable skills that will help my clients reach their goals.

Most importantly, training with me is about having fun, as well as providing you with the motivation and drive to be an even better version yourself. I am also an aspiring Bodybuilder and have competed at BodyPower in the ‘First Time Bodybuilder’ and ‘Muscle Model’ categories.

  • Body fat reduction
  • Functional specialist
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss

Check him out on Instagram @markuppt or drop him an email to find out more.

Online personal trainers

If 1 on 1 training session aren’t for you, you could still benefit from working with a gay personal trainer. Online PTs will help you plan your workouts and nutrition and will still be on-hand to offer you support and motivation whenever you need it via email, apps, or social media.


Matt Boyles created Fitter Confident You, online personal training tailored for Gay, Bi and Trans Guys. He will help you:Get Fitter, Feel Confident and Be You. Everything is fully personalised and built around you, and your unique situation and goals. There’s an amazing community you can join too, to feel connected and part of something bigger; plus fun workouts, easy to follow nutrition and amazing support.

Visit to book a free fitness strategy call with Matt.

Gay Group Fitness Classes – Are you into groups?

Are groups more your thing? Check out some of the fab gay group fitness classes around the UK.

If you prefer to workout with others, there are plenty of gay fitness groups throughout London that we recommend you try.

The Muscle Marys

  • WorkOUT With PRIDE (resistance)
  • Stronger Fitter Prouder

The Muscle Marys run a number of outdoor and indoor LGBT+ group fitness classes in London. These high-energy classes will have you building muscle, burning calories and improving your strength all while spending time with a great group of guys. Take your pick of functional training, lifting classes or outdoor bootcamps.

Check them out on Instagram @themusclemarys or on

The Weekending – Gay plyometric circuit class

The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Strength & HIIT Plyo Training in London
Every Saturday – 12 pm – Clapham Common – Everybody is Welcome

TheWeekending started in the summer of 2018 and has rapidly become a strong community with a Saturday weekly training class based on a proprietary style of training which combines strength and endurance. The idea behind TheWeekending was to provide the London LGBTQ+ public and friends with a fitness oriented, healthy choice of getting together for the leisure-time.

Their workouts are tough but there’s always a big crowd and a lot of great gay energy!

Spinder – Gay spin class

What’s a gay spin class exactly? Well, it’s a spin class, but instead of repetitive generic dance music, the class is choreographed to hits by your favourite gay icons. Britney vs Christina, Girls Aloud vs Sugababes, Beyoncé vs Lady Gaga. You’re guaranteed to be out of breath after this workout, and not just because of all the singing.

Bikes, bops & buddies. Spinder is the first gay spin class & social community in London & Brighton. We don’t have members, we have Spinderellas. We run a total of FIVE 45min classes a week each followed by a fun social event. All ages and levels are welcome.

Richard, founder of Spinder

Ride HIIT Hard – Gay HIIT class

If you’re the kind of gay that enjoys a bit of punishment, then get yourself to a HIIT class. You’ll blast away that belly fat and burn a shit tonne of calories, all while in the company of other gays. No one said being fit and fabulous was easy, and this is most definitely not easy.

The workout takes place in Kennington Park every Saturday at 11am.

Gladiator workout – Gay bootcamp class

This is a great class if you’re looking to improved your strength and stamina and meet new people while you sweat.

The ultimate bootcamp experience, the Gladiator workout is a 45min HIIT workout where everyone in the LGBT+ community and their allies are welcome.

Accessible to ANY fitness level, the Gladiator workout is not another random workout, it’s a vibe. The beat drops and you lose yourself in the energy of a Gladiator.

Come and join the Gladiator community. Get your tickets at